• Designing with High Stability Resistors

    Precision resistors need more than tight tolerance and low temperature coefficient. They need to remain stable in value for the whole life of the product. TT Electronics is continually innovating in processes and materials to deliver new precision resistors which make this possible.

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  • Designing with Line Input Resistors

    Surge protection in the line input of a power supply is enhanced by using a line input resistor, and this can often serve a second function as a fuse. Designing a surge resistor which is also a fusible resistor is a challenge. But it is also a core competence of TT Electronics' engineering team.

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  • Designing with Current Sense Resistors

    Growing demand for energy measurement, power conversion and motor control continues to drive the expansion of TT Electronics' current sense resistor portfolio, which ranges from 0402 chip resistors to busbar mounted e-beam welded shunts.

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  • Designing with High Voltage Resistors

    As pioneers and experts in thick film technology, TT Electronics has a long heritage in high voltage design. The result is an outstanding range of high voltage resistors and voltage dividers. And strong capability in custom development.

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  • Designing with High Power Resistors

    TT Electronics introduced thick film on steel technology for resistive heaters and power resistors, and continues to lead with high reliability designs for the industrial and aerospace sectors.

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TT Electronics plc is a global electronics company. Within its resistors business unit are multiple manufacturing facilities and dedicated engineering teams providing custom solutions.

BI Technologies, IRC and Welwyn are market leading brands within this group, each with a track record in resistive component innovation of over seventy years.

TT Electronics offers the full spectrum of resistor technologies and a broad standard product range, in addition to providing custom engineered solutions.